Founded over 50 years ago, Sutton Housing Society remains focused on the housing needs of the local community.

Staff & Board

Sutton Housing Society is overseen by a voluntary Board of Management, all of whom live or work within Sutton or surrounding areas.

Board of Management Members

Mr Andrew Jepp (Chair) Mr Adam Phippen
Mr Adrian Simpson (Treasurer) Mr Graham Waters
Mrs Pamela Norton Mr Matthew Corbett
Mr Michael Payton Ms Audrey McFarlane
Ms Lisa Rae Ms Alison Bennett

The Society also operates a committee which supports the work of the Board. Sutton Housing Society has a Housing Operations Committee (HOC) made up of Board Members and tenants. Please follow this link to find out more.

The Housing and Maintenance Structure is currently being updated.

SHS has recently reviewed its Vision for the future and the SHS Values that underpin our work.

SHS’s Vision is:

  • Investing our resources we are proud to provide affordable, well maintained quality homes
  • With charitable status and as a specialist provider of homes for the independent over 55’s, we continue to invest for the changing needs of Sutton
  • Our highly professional staff are dedicated to responding to the needs of our tenants and developing a sense of community

SHS’s Values are:

  • Passionate about doing what’s right
  • People focussed and stronger together
  • Professional and effective
  • Caring, responsive and flexible

Our staff are committed to “living” the values and providing great services to our tenants.

Our Staff

Chief Executive (and Secretary) Robin Roberts
020 8661 5896 /
Operations Director Glynis Gatenby
020 8661 5898 /

Community Housing Services Team:

Community Housing Services Manager Ray Alder
020 8661 5894 /
Community Housing Assistant Charmaine Coombs
020 8915 2951 /
Community Housing Services Officer Martin Reddick
020 8915 2955 /
Community Housing Services Officer Lise Mellors
020 8915 2954 /
Housing with Care Manager Lynn Goodman
020 8773 1734 /
Community Engagement Officer Laura George
020 8915 2952 /

Finance and Admin Team:

Resources Director Marcie Regelous
020 8661 5897 /
Executive Support Celia Dawes
020 8661 5890 /
Senior Finance Officer Michelle Easton
020 8661 5892 /
Finance Assistant Daisy Bushby
020 8661 5890 /
ICT Coordinator Stacey Smither
020 8661 5892 /

Maintenance Team:

Asset Manager Michael Kilkelly
020 8661 5895 /
Property Services Officer Steve Smith
020 8661 5893 /
Maintenance Admin Officer Tracey Currie
020 8661 5891 /

Sutton Housing Society Staff 2018