Intensive Housing Management

Intensive Housing Management Service

“Intensive Housing Management” is an enhanced landlord service to help those people that need it, sustain and maintain their tenancies. The service is generally provided by the SHS Community Housing Services team although other staff also provide services to you.

The Intensive Housing Management service can assist tenants in a number of ways:

  • Advice & assistance to understand and comply with the tenancy conditions
  • Individual risk assessments to ensure any risks are identified and referrals to support agencies made if necessary
  • Regular welfare checks to ensure your safety and well-being (this will be at a frequency agreed with the individual tenants)
  • Assistance in sustaining all aspects of the tenancy
  • Signposting and accessing support from other services e.g. budgeting support
  • Provision of Pendants for more frail residents
  • Testing and maintenance of the Pull Cord Telecare system
  • Increased inspections and maintenance of the building, including health and safety issues, to address increased wear and tear to the property and facilities
  • Assistance in claiming/managing housing benefit application
  • Advice and assistance on using equipment within the property
  • Advice and assistance regarding security of the tenants’ home
  • Monitoring and signposting for social services care services
  • Arranging repairs to communal areas, including fixtures and fittings
  • Information and advice to tenants relating to use of communal areas, CCTV