Property News

Bond Gardens Redevelopment – On 28 September 2016 we were granted full Planning Permission for the redevelopment of 21 Bond Gardens. We have now entered into a ‘design and build’ contract with Skillcrown Homes for the demolition of existing buildings and the construction of a block of 23 one bed flats for older persons.

Possession of the site was passed to Skillcrown on 5 December 2016 and the demolition stage of the project is now complete. The contract duration is 18 months with completion scheduled for July 2018.

Bond Gardens is a crowded street and the development will be a challenging one for the contractors. We are working with residents and Beddington Infants’ School to address safety and access issues.  We will continue to work with and look to protect important stakeholders.

The drainage and foundations are now in place. Work is underway on the ground floor slab and lift core. Scaffolding has been erected to provide access for the installation of the timber frame.

Harding House – Originally bought “off the shelf” from a developer in 1991, the building comprised of 12 bedsit flats over three floors. In 2016 Sutton Housing Society was granted Planning Permission to build three storey extensions to the side and rear of the property.  In November 2016 we entered into a contract for the works with D V Read and Son (Surrey).  The contract will run for six months.  The project will produce three studio apartments and nine one bed flats.  The entire building will be refurbished.  Lettings will be at social housing rents to older persons with a connection to Sutton.

There have been delays to the project for a number of reasons including unforeseen ground conditions and difficulties in finding specialist contractors. We believe all delays have now been addressed and the project is scheduled to complete with all 12 flats ready to let at the beginning of August.

Stock Reinvestment / Asset Management – As a charity (a ‘registered society’ under the Community Benefit Societies Act) Sutton Housing Society does not pay dividends to shareholders or allow profits to be taken out of the company. Instead, any profits or surpluses are reinvested into our existing buildings or used to buy or construct new ones.  In 2017 we will install new lifts in three of our schemes (Ronald House, Old Brewery House and Norman House).  We will replace kitchens in our properties at Killburns Mill Close and windows at Lancelot House.  We will also carry out planned maintenance – eg: internal and external decorations at several of our larger schemes.

The housing shortage has been recognised as a crisis by all political parties. The Government have described the housing market as ‘broken’. Sutton HS is a member of the National Housing Federation (NHF). As a body and voluntary sector associations are working now and are ready to do more to make their contribution to solving the crisis. The attached flyer from the NHF sets out some of the sector’s proposals. Click here to visit the NHF website.(