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The Sutton Housing Society Board approved the Value for Money Strategy in 2019; this Strategy is a ‚Äúlive‚ÄĚ document and regularly referred to within our board documents. The Strategy will be reviewed alongside our business plan in 2021 / 2022.

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Sutton Housing Society’s Governance Statement

1. Statement for Annual Report

Sutton Housing Society aims to follow the highest standards of governance, accountability and probity. The Society’s Board of Management have adopted all of the principles contained in the National Housing Federation (NHF) Code of Governance (2015).

2. Detailed Compliance Statement (To accompany the full NHF Code of Governance 2015).

Sutton Housing Society is a relatively small organisation with less than 500 properties in management.

It is a locally focused housing provider operating exclusively in the London Borough of Sutton. It is overseen by a Board of voluntary members.

In adopting the NHF code the Society’s Board have, as required, interpreted it to fit the organisation whilst at all times maintaining both the principles and the spirit of the Code.

Set out below are the specific areas where Sutton Housing Society does not comply with the detailed requirements of the NHF code. This statement needs to be read in conjunction with the Code.

Code of Governance sections;

D2. Maximum tenure for Board Members:  The Board Membership Policy for Sutton Housing Society allows extensions of one year to the membership of any Board Member who has served for three full terms.  The extension requires the support of fellow Board Members and it subject to the approval of shareholders.  Such re-appointments will be by exception and on clearly stated grounds.  At no time can the number of Members elected in this way exceed one third of the Board membership.

F3. Establish a committee primarily responsible for audit (sections F4, 5 and 8 also apply): The Society retains its primary audit function at Board level, not via a separately constituted committee.  In all other respects, the Society operates effective and appropriate audit functions which are proportionate to its activities.

It is the view of the Board of Sutton Housing Society that the organisation complies with the spirit and the letter of the NHF Code of Governance 2015.

Statement of Compliance approved by the Board of Sutton Housing Society, January 2016.


Housing Operations Committee Minutes

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