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If you are interested in learning how to use Zoom or Microsoft Teams, please see useful our guides below:



Zoom Guide



Microsoft Teams Guide


Other useful computer guides from Digital Unite

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These are strange times we’re living in, for sure. And now more than ever we have to support each other where we can.

We all know that digital skills have always been important but COVID-19 has brought them into sharper focus, so we’re looking at new ways we can help.  Read on to find out more..

90+Digital Skills guides to help you

We’ve pulled together some of our most relevant digital guides to help you during these challenging times.

They cover a range of topics from using online health services to staying in touch with friends and family and working from home.

To make it easy to use, we’ve grouped them under two themes: health and well being and staying connected. Click here to see the guides.

Looking at the bigger picture

To put things into perspective here’s an interesting site which tracks activities around the world including¬†the COVID-19 activity.

COVI-19 statistics