Property Compliance

Welcome to our “Property Compliance” page where you can find out how Sutton Housing Society is performing in relation to our statutory and regulatory property responsibilities. You can also view our health and safety action plan and review the latest fire risk assessment summaries for where you live.

Every week our older people schemes are inspected by our in-house Compliance and Monitoring Officer. As part of this weekly inspection, fire alarms are tested and the building inspected for any health and safety issues. Other compliance works include regular inspections / testing of the emergency lighting, operation of passenger lifts as well as the quality of the communal water supply.

For all our other blocks of flats, similar inspections are carried out by the Compliance and Monitoring Officer, although on a monthly basis.

For individual homes, we will ensure that your gas boiler / appliance including the flue are independently inspected and certified every year. For the electrics in your home, these are inspected every 5 years, (for new homes, the first inspection will take place after 10 years, and then on a 5 yearly cycle).

Hard wired smoke alarms are checked along with the gas inspections. In our homes for older people, a new system for testing the smoke alarms is to be introduced during 2021. Our routine repairs contractors will be asked to automatically test the smoke detector at each property visited when carrying out repairs. In addition, as part of the annual fire drill process, staff will check our records for any untested smoke alarms and, on the day of the fire drill, will attempt to test the smoke detectors for residents. For any flats that still have untested smoke detectors at the end of each calendar year, staff will be pro-active in making appointments to ensure the smoke detectors are tested by the end of March.

For more details of the inspections carried out, please click on the health and safety action plan link below.

Health and Safety Action Plan


In between visits, other staff are likely to be in and around the schemes and will report any issues of concern that they see to ensure matters relating to health and safety are addressed as quickly as possible. However, should you have a concern relating to the health and safety of the building, please call 020 8661 5891 or email


As you may be aware, Sutton Housing Society has a “stay put” policy in our homes for older people in the event of a fire. In every flat when the property is let, there are instructions on what to do in the event of a fire. Every year, a fire drill is carried out to ensure, as much as possible, that residents follow the fire safety guidance and stay in their flats in the event of a fire unless the flat is in their property.

For our other blocks of flats, notices are in place regarding fire safety. In every flat when the property is let, there are instructions on what to do in the event of a fire.

There are reminders of what to do in the event of a fire in our resident newsletter Sutton Scoop.

If you live in one of our flats, click here to see what to do in the event of a fire

Click here to view our Fire Risk Assessments

Click here to view our Compliance KPIs

Should you have any concerns or queries relating to fire safety in your home or building, please contact Michael Kilkelly on 020 8661 5895 / 07710 095 887 or email

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