Most of our older people schemes benefit from a 24-hour monitoring service providing emergency cover should you need it and Wi-Fi. (Please note that Harding House, Kent Court, Nairn Court and Peppermint Court do not have the monitoring service). All our homes are situated in the London Borough of Sutton, some of which are designed for wheelchair users.

We have a housing with care scheme (for those with additional care needs), based in Wallington, called Cloverdale Court. On-site care is provided 24/7 together with a day centre, which operates Monday to Friday. Our housing with care manager works onsite providing support and assistance to residents who may need a little extra help to manage their tenancy and to help residents live as independently as possible.

We also provide general housing available for rent within the London Borough of Sutton for families and single people. Some of these are suitable for wheelchair users and some designated as disabled persons units.

For more information on how to apply, please visit our how to apply for housing page.

Our housing schemes are:

  • Batley Close
  • Bridges Court
  • Clarendon Road
  • Cloverdale Court
  • Dorothy Pettingell House
  • Furlong Close
  • Green Lane
  • Griffiths Close
  • Harding House
  • Kent Court
  • Killburns Mill Close
  • Lancelot House
  • Margaret House
  • Mary Court
  • McRae Lane
  • Miller Close
  • Nairn Court
  • Norman House
  • Old Brewery House
  • Peppermint Court
  • Robertson House
  • Ronald House
  • Thomas House
  • Trickett House
  • Tull Street

Sutton Housing Resident’s App

Our Resident’s App gives you 24/7 access to many services and to information specific to you. This simple tool means that everything from your rent statements to scheme information can be accessed anytime, anywhere with the tap of a button.

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The resident app makes it easy to deal with Sutton Housing Society.

Nigel Coo, resident