Our independent housing for older people is for people aged 55 years or over who wish to live independently, but who may require a degree of support to do so. Most of our properties benefit from a 24-hour monitoring service providing emergency cover should you need it and communal Wi-Fi. (Please note that Harding House, Kent Court and Peppermint Court do not have the monitoring service). All our homes are situated in the London Borough of Sutton, some of which are designed for wheelchair users.

We have a housing with care scheme (for those with additional care needs) based in Wallington, called Cloverdale Court. On-site care is provided 24/7 together with a day centre, which operates Monday to Friday. Our housing with care manager works onsite providing support and assistance to residents who may need a little extra help to manage their tenancy and to help residents live as independently as possible.

We also provide general housing available for rent within the London Borough of Sutton for families and single people. Some of these are suitable for wheelchair users and some designated as disabled persons units.

How do I apply?

To join our waiting list for our housing for older people, please get in touch online or by phone, and complete an application form.

We recommend you also check if you can join the council’s housing register by visiting the Sutton Home Choice website – half of our vacancies are offered to the London Borough of Sutton.

Before making an application please review the following criteria:

  • You must be 55 years old or over.
  • You must currently live in the London Borough of Sutton or need support from relatives or friends living in the Borough apart from where hardship may be caused.
  • You should be able to live independently or live independently with support from relevant external providers of support.
  • You must not be the owner of a property elsewhere or, should you own a property, you must demonstrate you are in the process of selling the property.
  • There is a cap for homeowners wanting to join our direct waiting list. For applicants seeking a one bedroom flat, your savings or assets must not be greater than £250,000. For applicants seeking a two bedroom flat, your savings or assets must not be greater than £300,000
  • You must meet the government ‘right to rent’ criteria in England.
  • We currently have a no pets policy.


To find out more please read our Lettings Policy.

Housing with care

Currently all vacancies are by nomination from the London Borough of Sutton with referrals made by their adult social services team.

If you are interested in Cloverdale Court, please contact Sutton Council on 020 8770 5000. They will explain how needs assessments are made for people seeking housing with care accommodation in the London Borough of Sutton.

General housing

All vacancies are filled via nominations from the London Borough of Sutton. The Borough will only nominate people from the Council’s housing register.

Although we do not hold a waiting list for general housing, we do consider mutual exchange applications from tenants of other social landlords. For more information on this, please visit the HomeSwapper website.

Sutton Housing Resident’s App

Our Resident’s App gives you 24/7 access to many services and to information specific to you. This simple tool means that everything from your rent statements to scheme information can be accessed anytime, anywhere with the tap of a button.

Find out more

The resident app makes it easy to deal with Sutton Housing Society.

Nigel Coo, resident