Aids and adaptations can be arranged for people who need their home to be altered to help them live more independently. Often simple changes can make a big difference. For example, fitting a grab rail to help you out of the bath, flashing doorbells and lever taps. It can also include more major changes to your home such as a shower that is the same level as the floor to make it easier to get in and out of.

Identifying the adaptations best suited to you

We want to be sure that we can identify the adaptations best suited to help you. If you or someone you live with thinks an adaptation in your home is needed, our trusted assessor or an occupational therapist will assess your needs. You may need to arrange this with the council’s occupational therapist from adult social care or the children with disabilities team, as appropriate.

Who covers the cost?

In most cases, we will pay for small changes to your home if our trusted assessor or an occupational therapist has recommended work. Once any new aids or adaptations have been fitted in your home we will usually look after them. We may charge you for this, either through a service charge or recharge policy if applicable.

For advice, please get in touch with your housing officer or our asset manager.

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Nigel Coo, resident