Please report a repair as soon as you notice a problem in one of the following ways:

  • Emergency & routine repairs (9.00am – 5.00pm): call 020 8642 1500 and select option 1
  • Emergency repair (outside 9.00am – 5.00pm): call 0300 369 0586; or pull the alarm cord in your home if you have one
  • Resident App: our app can be used to send repair details including photos 24/7
  • Email: (non-emergency only) include the repair details and a contact number
  • In person: During office hours (9.00am – 5.00pm Mon-Fri)

How soon will my repair be dealt with?

Repairs to communal areas are treated in the same way as repairs to your home and we aim to complete them within these timescales:

  • Emergency: 24 hours
  • Urgent: 7 days
  • Routine: 28 days

Emergency repairs

Emergency repairs are those that pose an immediate risk to health and safety or security or may cause damage. Emergency repairs are carried out within 24 hours. Typical examples include:

  • Loss of heating between October to March in homes occupied by frail, elderly, seriously ill people, or those who are registered disabled
  • Loss of hot water in homes occupied by frail, elderly, seriously ill people, or those who are registered disabled
  • Gas leaks (this may be the responsibility of your gas company)
  • Blocked toilet (if there is no alternative toilet)
  • Leaking soil pipe
  • Collapsed or bulging ceilings
  • Major water leaks that cannot be contained in a bucket overnight. If the water leak is from the flat above, we cannot gain access without the consent of the resident, their next of kin or without the police/fire brigade in attendance.
  • Loss of power and/or lighting
  • Total loss of electricity or water (please note that this may be under the control of the National Grid or your utilities company)
  • Checking electrics after flooding/water penetration
  • Forced entry and lock replacements where a person is locked in or out of their home (chargeable unless a crime reference number is provided)
  • Resecuring doors and windows where the property is not secure (chargeable unless a crime reference number is provided)
  • Repairs to dangerous or exposed wires, power, lighting sockets or fittings
  • Serious blockages to main drains
  • Trapped people in a broken-down lift
  • Offensive or discriminatory graffiti.

Urgent repairs

Urgent repairs are those that are inconvenient, affect residents’ comfort and may cause damage to the home if left unattended. Urgent repairs are carried out within 7 days. Typical examples include:

  • Loss of heating or hot water
  • Repair/replacement of defective locks to external doors
  • Loss of lighting
  • Repairs to immersion heaters
  • Defective wired in smoke or carbon monoxide alarms
  • Rotten timber floorboards or stair treads
  • Internal leaks that can be controlled using a bucket or bowl
  • Partial loss of water supply or a continuous overflow
  • Toilet not flushing or a defective toilet, toilet seat, sink, bath or basin
  • Taps which will not turn off
  • Rain penetration from roof or guttering
  • Badly cracked glass
  • Broken or damaged banister rails
  • Blocked refuse chute
  • Storm damage repair
  • Loss of lighting in external communal areas
  • Broken door entry systems
  • Dangerous walls or fences
  • Pest infestations in communal areas
  • Broken paths or paved areas
  • Broken or damaged rails (external)
  • Repairs to public staircases
  • Removal of glass in communal areas.

Routine repairs

Routine repairs are those that are inconvenient, that cause inconvenience but do not pose an immediate risk. Routine repairs are carried out within 28 days. Typical examples include:

  • Replacement of doors, locks, handles and architrave
  • Repairs to doors, drawers, shelves, worktops, curtain rails and battens
  • Internal plastering repairs
  • Chimney repairs
  • Inspection chamber cover/gulley grid repaired or replaced
  • Broken extractor fans
  • Repair/replacement of skirting
  • Replacement of kitchen doors, drawers, and worktops
  • Re-fix or replace wall tiles and splash backs including mastic seal around fitments
  • Repair/replacement of bath panels
  • Repair/replacement of dripping taps
  • Non-urgent repairs to staircases
  • Re-fix or replace roof tiles, slates, flashings, etc. which are not causing water ingress
  • Clearance, repair or replacement of blocked gutter or rainwater down pipes
  • Repair/replacement of communal TV aerials and cables
  • Securing window frames and adjusting to ensure windows can be opened or closed
  • Repair/replacement of window catches, mechanisms, handles and stays.


In some situations, different timescales may apply, typically these are:

  • Works which immediately affect health and safety are assigned the highest priority
  • Repairs for vulnerable residents
  • Asbestos removal
  • Extensive internal/external damage
  • Structural damage preventing occupation
  • Major infestations and specialist cleans

When these situations arise, we will explain the issues and expected timescales for completion.

Missed appointments

Where a resident misses an appointment, we will:

  • Leave a card with date and time noted; you have 5 working days to rearrange the appointment.
  • If we don’t hear within 5 working days, your job is cancelled, and we will advise you in writing.


Your feedback is important to us. Once your repair is completed, please complete the feedback form that is on the reverse of your works order and return to head office by post.

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